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Crafting Beads - Fused, Strung Pearlised and Metallic Beads

A crafting kit isn’t complete without a good supply of beads. At Patchwork Panda, we offer a wide selection of beads to meet our customers’ crafting needs. Beads are useful for creating jewelry and decorating items ranging from lampshades to bags and clothing. And since each project calls for a specific type of bead, we offer multiple kinds, including metallic beads, fused beads, strung beads, and pearlized beads. 

In our metallic bead collection, you will find a wide range of colors, all exhibiting a shiny, eye-catching, and reflective surface. Metallic beadshave been coated with a metal surface, either baked on or electroplated. Also, our beads have been sprayed with an acrylic to prevent wearing on the metallic surface, and to keep you, our customers, satisfied with the quality of our products. 

Fused beads are convenient in that you can skip the somewhat tedious task of stringing the beads yourself. Our fused beads come in strands that range in length and color. We have faux pearl fused beads, both with and without clasps. We also have teardrop shaped fused beads in green, gray, hot pink, and red. Flat backed fused beads are also available, which are useful in hot-gluing or sewing the beads to a project. Again, the colors and lengths of the strands vary to meet your specific needs. 

Another option to avoid stringing beads is purchasing our strung beads . We carry strung glass beads in various colors and lengths, and we have long strands of faux pearl strung beads. Our ample selection of strung beads is sure to have what you are looking for, and their quality and price are sure to be eye-catching. 

Finally, we have pearlized beads . Classic and elegant, pearl beads are traditionally paired with weddings. They are, however, becoming increasingly popular in jewelry and crafts of all kinds. Opting for faux pearlized beads makes for just as elegant a project with a much more reasonable price tag. We carry both individual pearlized beads and strung pearlized beads. 

So peruse our selection and select the appropriate product for your upcoming project. We at Patchwork Panda will be proud to be a part of it. www.patchworkpandatrims.com