Rhinestones & Rhinestuds

Hot Fix Crystals Rhinestuds and Rhinestones


We have a comprehensive collection to appeal to all tastes and projects. Its a new category so watch it grow as we add new items!


Be a Beacon of Bling and Jazz up literally anything from a tiara - to a flower pot, a dog collar to a decorative candle holder - the possibilities are endless.

 Rhinestones are a classic when it comes to crafting because of their versatility. At Patchwork Panda, we are constantly amazed and inspired by the many innovative projects our customers undertake, as well as by their creative uses of rhinestones. 

Our rhinestones are available in acrylic and glass. Acrylic rhinestonescome in a wide variety of shapes tailored specially for specific events. St. Patrick’s Day, for example, is always a great time for crafting, so we have shamrock rhinestones that perfectly fit the occasion. Valentine’s Day, too, is a wonderful occasion for crafts; as such, great fun is always to be had in affixing our heart-shaped acrylic rhinestones to homemade Valentines and decorations. We also have mixed snowflake acrylic rhinestones for winter-themed projects, as well as letter-shaped and number-shaped rhinestones that can be used year-round for custom crafting purposes. 

Our glass rhinestones are more traditionally shaped, and we offer them in several colors and packages. You can buy as few as 72 pieces or as many as 1000 pieces in one package. Either contains the highest quality rhinestones at very affordable prices. 

We also offer the rhinestone setter hot fix applicator. This package includes one wand, seven hot fix tips, a support stand, and a 65 inch cord. The hot fix applicator is a superior choice to the more traditional hot glue gun, as the applicator is specifically designed for precise ad safe rhinestone placement. Hot glue guns do work, but in all honesty, the applicator is truly a wonder-tool that makes applying rhinestones much easier. 

After you have utilized your rhinestones, send us a picture of your final work! We particularly love seeing customers affix rhinestones to wine glasses, to the heels of high-heeled shoes, and/or to Christmas ornaments. Rhinestones can add funky flair or a touch of elegance, depending on how they’re used. Regardless of your decision, the process is inevitably fun.