Jacquard Ribbon

Jacquard Ribbon Trim - Beaded, Metallic and Tapestry

Jacquard ribbon is an often-overlooked crafter’s best friend. An incredibly versatile and easy to work with medium, Jacquard can be used for a myriad of fun and creative crafting projects. You’ll find it in quilts, custom dog collars, clothing and plenty of other fun and intriguing works of fabric art. It’s an exceptional accent piece for pretty much any creation.

We have an extensive collection of both metallic and poly Jacquards, ranging in sizes from a mere 3/8” to over 4 inches . Additionally, we’re constantly looking for beautiful new Jacquards to add to our collection, and this category grows as we bring new vivid designs to our digital shelves. It’s our job to provide you with the most attractive, high quality Jacquards the market has to offer.

Jacquard ribbon trim is available in an incredible spectrum of materials and colors—you’ll find beaded Jacquards , vivid floral patterns, metallic colors and paisleys , all in an impressive array of color palettes. Whatever your goals may be, we’re certain you’ll spot a Jacquard ribbon that fits both your personal style and project budget. We’re also certain you’ll find the Jacquard you love in the right width for your project. As for length—we have a variety of pre-cut options to help ensure you always receive as much as you need without running over.

Our Jacquards are high quality and low cost, and will leave you and your friends impressed. We’re proud of the positive feedback we receive on these spectacular woven ribbons, and can’t wait to see how you use them in your next amazing project.