​ Buttons over the decades

​ Buttons over the decades

We have a treasure trove of buttons to offer you. We have buttons small and large, new and vintage, wood, metal, novelty and featuring semi precious stones. Tiny works of art to adorn a baby cardigan to featuring in a diorama - the uses are as infinite as your imagination. Watch this category grow with a mouthwatering array.

Buttons are truly an essential part of crafting and serve many important functions, both decorative and practical. On one hand, buttons can be the simple touches that sweetly pull projects together and communicate a sense of love. On the other, they can provide a dazzling flair that transforms a project from plain to fabulous. Regardless of your preference, we at Patchwork Panda are confident that you will be pleased with our vast offering of buttons.

Among the buttons we carry are bridal buttons novelty buttons, chained buttons, metal shank buttons, metal flat buttons, and plastic shank buttons. Bridal buttons excellently demonstrate the potentially great impact of a subtle touch. These are simple, white, fabric-covered buttons, made to perfectly blend into any wedding dress.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are novelty buttons, which can be shaped as pencil sharpeners, flowers, ladybugs, trains, or flowers. Unlike bridal buttons though, novelty buttons make direct and endearing statements about the nature of your craft.

If your project calls for chained buttons, we have those for you, too. Our chained buttons are both washable and dry cleanable. Tossing them in the dryer or washer will maintain their pristine pre-wash conditions, so you can do so without worrying about them getting damaged.

Metal buttons are available, too, as shank buttons or flat buttons in various styles. We have Tudor Rose buttons, complete with silver finish; domed antique shanks in either tin or brass finish; and antique Celtic-style buttons, among many other designs.

We also have plastic shank buttons, as well as plastic flat buttons. For these, too, we have an impressive selection of different styles. We have button designs that incorporate gems. We also have plastic shank buttons that resemble our metallic shank buttons, for those button-shopping on a budget. Additionally, we have heart-shaped, flower-shaped, and pearlized bead buttons. And of course, we continue adding more designs and styles on a regular basis.

Buttons are crucial for their functional and decorative purposes. Truly, our vast supply of them is but one more reason to start considering Patchwork Panda as your one-stop shop for crafting purposes.