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It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about the holidays and winter décor. I’m sure you’ve started thinking about great gift ideas you can make as well as decorations to liven up your home. Do you have any projects to spruce up or repair? Just about anything can be livened up or repurposed with imagination and by using decorative fabric trims , fabric embellishments and even jacquard ribbon. Metallic fabric trims in various colors are a great way to add sparkle to your winter projects. Patchwork Panda offers fabric trims wholesale ; and we have an extensive range of Braids and Gimps as well as our huge collection of jacquard ribbons which also come in a variety of winter and Christmas colors. Almost everything can be purchased by the yard. All are great options to add that special finishing touch to your project. Don’t forget we also have a remnant section in our Closeout Jamboree Category which has some exciting hard to find trimmings in prepacked short lengths. Need a little more pizzazz with your quilting or maybe some extra oomph to your holiday table runner? Fabric embellishments are the way to go then. These can be as glitzy as you would like or simply add an understated elegance to your projects. Another way to improve your holiday gifts and decorations is to add decorative fabric trim – this will make them stand out at holiday gatherings without being over the top. Patchwork Panda Trims offers a large assortment of both fabric embellishments and fabric trims to fit any of your holiday projects. How can you use jacquard ribbon in your winter projects? Since they come in beaded, metallic, or tapestry patterns the possibilities are endless. Who is your gift for? Is there other décor to match? At Patchwork Panda Trims, jacquard ribbon by the yard is available in such tremendous variety that you will be able to choose whatever you need to create elegant pieces for all your holiday festivities in patterns and colors to suit every taste and style. Ever thought about coordinating your dinner napkins, tablecloths, napkin rings and candle centerpieces? Just a little jacquard ribbon can bring everything together to give a custom and expensive look. Even the simplest projects like pinning an iron on applique into position can bring a special touch to any project in seconds. And if you have any questions on the best trim or embellishments for your project don’t hesitate to contact us at 973.506.4134 or visit www.patchworkpandatrims.com for more information. - See more at: http://blog.patchworkpandatrims.com/decorative-fabric-trims-for-your-winter-projects/#sthash.5zdj6tSg.dpuf

Introducing our new addition: Spools & Winding Boards - See more at: http://blog.patchworkpandatrims.com/introducing-our-new-addition-spools-winding-boards/#sthash.R8gKWqq6.dpuf

Here at Patchwork Panda, we have always taken care of all your crafting supply needs. From iron on patches to ribbons to sequins and trim, we have all the variety you could want for a plethora of crafts. Now, we’re happy to say we can provide you with help organizing and storing these supplies, as [...]

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Wedding Decorations through Crafting Creativity

About six months ago, we received an inquiry from a customer asking about some creative ideas for crafting her own wedding favors and decorations. She described herself as a crafty and creative person and was excited about our wide selection of bridal crafts, which range from beaded appliques to bridal ribbon bows to collars and [...]

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Become more Festive with Christmas patches this Holiday Season!

Christmas patches provide a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Crafting, whether in a family setting with one’s children or nieces and nephews, at a girl scout or boy scout meeting if you’re a troop leader, or in the classroom if you’re a teacher, can get children excited about the season for reasons other [...]

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Finding Sewing Supplies at Patchwork Panda

If you are a regular customer, or have spent any time perusing our site, you surely know by now that we offer a plethora of items to be used in crafting projects and clothing. Many costumers come to us for our iron on patches , our iron on appliques , our ribbon bows , trim, [...]

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Personalize Everything!!

Everything at Patchwork Panda can be used to help personalize household items, clothing, gifts, and so on, but we are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our website that allows you to extend your love of personalizing to just about anything!We are talking about rhinestones, a nifty, easy, crafty, and fun way to personalize [...]

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Fast and Reliable shipping!

At Patchwork Panda Trims, we pride ourselves on our reliability, both in terms of the quality of our many crafting supply products and in terms of the speed of our shipping. We have noticed that many websites that supply crafting materials like ours will advertise their shipping estimate as anywhere from five days to as [...]

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St. Patrick’s Day

Notre Dame may have exclusive rights to their Fighting Irish leprechaun mascot, but they don’t have exclusive rights to St. Patrick’s Day fun! Here at Patchwork Panda Trims, we are happy to introduce our St. Patrick’s Day themed iron on patches , including our exclusively designed shamrock patches only available at Patchwork Panda!St. Patrick’s Day [...]

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Wedding Favors & more!

Every once in a while we like to remind our customers of the infinite possibilities available to them with the help of our crafting products at Patchwork Panda Trims . A few months ago, we posted a story about how one of our customers was seeking tips for crafty and creative wedding decorations. We provided [...]

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Why Iron on Patches are Such a Big Trend!

At Patchwork Panda, we have an amazing selection of iron on appliques- from embroidered patches to custom iron on patches . From animals, to crests, to fairies, there’s an endless possibility of options for creating unique garments or projects.Iron on appliques are very popular because they make it easy to create a unique look without [...]

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