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Iron On Appliques

There’s no faster and more convenient way to quickly turn a plain old t-shirt into a work of art than by using iron-on appliques . But that’s not all they’re good for—you can use iron-ons for quilts, blankets, backpacks and pretty much anything else you can find that’s made of cloth. Applying an iron-on applique takes only minutes, and the results last forever.

We’re happy to offer many categories of iron-on appliques and patches. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the category links, you can always type your needs directly into our search bar or contact us by phone or email. We are absolutely able to have your designs made, if you’re looking for something a bit more on the custom side. Applique patches don’t necessarily need to be something you pick off a shelf, after all.

Our iron-ons run the gamut—we have dinosaurs , cute animals , bridal accessories , holiday appliques, hearts , Celtic designs , dragons and almost anything else you can imagine. No matter the theme of your next craft project, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect iron-on accessory here. We even have custom iron-on patches for your jackets or bags.

We’re proud of our iron-ons and the quality they bring to your projects. We’re also proud that our high quality appliques are priced within your budget, making it easy for you to see your projects through to the end. We love hearing customers rave about our patches, and are happy to speak with you about all of your applique needs. Give us a call with any questions!