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Fast and Reliable shipping!


At Patchwork Panda Trims, we pride ourselves on our reliability, both in terms of the quality of our many crafting supply products and in terms of the speed of our shipping. We have noticed that many websites that supply crafting materials like ours will advertise their shipping estimate as anywhere from five days to as much as three weeks. To us, this is too long.

While it may be the case that, sometimes, someone is organized enough to be planning their crafting three weeks or more in advance, at Patchwork Panda Trims we understand even the best laid plans can sometimes change and ideas grow. Generally speaking, when you place an order for something, you want it as soon as possible, like we do.

Our shipping policies have always been the same. Once you place an order, there’s no backorder or long line to wait through for that order to be processed. As soon as you place your order, we get busy! Our products ship out within 1 business day of the time the order was placed, and we do not lose time relying on the stock of our suppliers either, because we hold all our own stock.

We are based in New Jersey, and we use the U.S. Postal Service for shipping along with UPS and FedEx , so our products are generally received by our clients days after the orders are placed.

Let’s say you have a deadline – be it a birthday, a school project, or some other special occasion – you don’t want to be worried about receiving your materials on time. At Patchwork Panda Trims, you don’t have to worry about lengthy dispatch times. No matter what product you order, you can count on fast and reliable service – that’s our promise!

For more information visit www.patchworkpandatrims.com or contact us at 973.506.4134

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