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Finding Sewing Supplies at Patchwork Panda


If you are a regular customer, or have spent any time perusing our site, you surely know by now that we offer a plethora of items to be used in crafting projects and clothing. Many costumers come to us for our iron on patches , our iron on appliques , our ribbon bows , trim, yokes, collars, and so on, but did you know that we offer sewing supplies , as well? From needles, to wholesale fabric , to spools and winding boards, we have everything you need to begin and complete a project, and all of it comes at a high quality and at an affordable price.

On our sewing kits and notions, you can find everything your home sewing kit could ever want. If you’re a quilter, we have EZ Quilting Machine needles in four packs or five packs, we have a twenty pack of regular quilting needles, twelve packs of sewing needles in a variety of sizes, and even those handy self-threading needles in a twelve pack. Naturally, one will need thimbles to go with these needles, and we are pleased to offer the leather ring version of those. We also have needle threaders, should you select the non-self-threading variety of needles, seam rippers, and jackpot scissors.

For purposes of storing your thread, yarn, cordage, ribbon, and so on, we have new spools, winding boards, and other consumables that are perfect for that purpose. Our spools come in a variety of sizes with a variety of diameters for the ends, so no matter how much yardage you have, it can be safely stored. Our winding boards come in a wide array of sizes, as well, so your thread can be stored tangle free.

Patchwork Panda is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding fabric trims , patches and appliques, and all your other crafting needs, but keep in mind that we can fulfill your sewing supply needs, as well.

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