Introducing our new addition: Spools & Winding Boards

Here at Patchwork Panda, we have always taken care of all your crafting supply needs. From iron on patches to ribbons to sequins and trim, we have all the variety you could want for a plethora of crafts. Now, we’re happy to say we can provide you with help organizing and storing these supplies, as well. You can now find on our website Spools and Winding Boards , to help you store your sewing supplies—such as cords, ribbons, thread, and so on—in an affordable and organized way.

The spools can be ordered in four different sizes—three inches, four inches, five inches, or six inches—and are mailed dissembled in order to keep shipping costs down. That way, we can pass the shipping savings on to you. You’ll receive sets of ten cylinders and twenty discs that can very easily be attached to one another to create your spools . The discs come in sizes of four inch diameters or eight inch diameters, so whether you have a large amount of ribbon or cord to be stored or a somewhat smaller amount, we have the appropriate size for you. Now, all the crafting supplies that you use to make those wedding favors , girl scout projects, homemade gifts, or what have you, will not turn into a tangled mess when it comes time for clean up and storage.

Our winding boards, for thread and thinner sewing supplies , come in a wide array of sizes, as well. The cards are made from sturdy white card stock, and like the spools, they are made in the United States.

We’re confident these new items, like all the merchandise we offer at Patchwork Panda, will help make your crafting experience all the more enjoyable. We all hate finding tangled up string in our craft storage boxes when beginning a project. With our Spools and Winding Boards, you can avoid this infuriating annoyance.

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