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Personalize Everything!!


Everything at Patchwork Panda can be used to help personalize household items, clothing, gifts, and so on, but we are thrilled to introduce a new addition to our website that allows you to extend your love of personalizing to just about anything!

We are talking about rhinestones, a nifty, easy, crafty, and fun way to personalize anything you can imagine. With a little bit of hot glue and/or our hot fix applicator, you can decorate your schoolbooks – or any book for that matter – binders, notebooks, daily agendas and calendars, as well as any other office supplies you may have. A stapler with some carefully placed rhinestones makes the tedium of stapling much more fun. Whether for yourself or for your children, using rhinestones can make the workload seem somehow lighter.

Rhinestones also make for great clothing accents. Personalizing T-shirts, hoodies, and even jeans with rhinestones can be both a fun activity and a fun way to express oneself. Rhinestones can also be used to bling up shoes and make jewelry.

If you’re on an intramural sports team, rhinestones can be used for writing your team name on your uniforms. Rhinestones can also be used in marketing, on banners, posters, or anything else you like to bedazzle.

We have rhinestones in all shapes and colors. We have rhinestones in numbers, letters, shamrocks, hearts, snowflakes, and stars. The rhinestones come in either glass or acrylic, and you can order them in sets of anywhere from 72 to 1000 pieces. The specialized rhinestones , such as the hearts or the shamrocks, come in smaller sets, but whatever your needs, we at Patchwork Panda are sure to have it.

A hot glue gun works well, but we also offer a specific product for setting rhinestones: the rhinestone setter Hot Fix Applicator . This product has seven different tips for different sized and shaped rhinestones ; we also carry replacement wands when needed. This can make for a cleaner, easier experience for applying the rhinestones.

However you choose to apply them, there is no doubt that the rhinestones will have the personalizing effect you are looking for. So go ahead, order your rhinestones today, and go nuts!

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