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Wedding Favors & more!


Every once in a while we like to remind our customers of the infinite possibilities available to them with the help of our crafting products at Patchwork Panda Trims . A few months ago, we posted a story about how one of our customers was seeking tips for crafty and creative wedding decorations. We provided her with many ideas about using decorative fabric trim for tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, and so on, as well as creative ideas to make wedding favors that are not only unique but also easy on the pocketbook.

In response to this post, several customers emailed us and let us know some of their own ideas on how to use the products we offer to create a beautiful and unique wedding experience. We love to hear from you, and encourage you to let us know your crafty ideas for clever and affordable wedding favors , as well.

One customer commented on the myriad ribbons and bows that we offer, and explained how she used a variety of these ribbons with some of our wholesale fabric to create beautiful pouches that sat on her tables as wedding favors. She filled the bags with the bubbles that would be used to blow on the bride and groom as they left the reception.

Another customer gave us the idea of using our bridal appliques on handkerchiefs that could be set at each place at the reception as a wedding favor. It could also serve as a napkin during the meal, whichever you fancy more!

Of course, you are not limited to our products listed under bridal accessories. If you have a themed wedding, you could use any of our iron on patches that fall in line with your theme on handkerchiefs such as those described above, or on table cloths, chair covers, or other wedding decorations. Likewise, any of our fabrics, trims, and ribbons can be used towards this purpose to create clever, crafty, classy, and above all affordable wedding favors and decorations.

So to those of you who wrote in, thanks for the tips! Please keep them coming, and as always, happy crafting!

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