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Why Iron on Patches are Such a Big Trend!


At Patchwork Panda, we have an amazing selection of iron on appliques- from embroidered patches to custom iron on patches . From animals, to crests, to fairies, there’s an endless possibility of options for creating unique garments or projects.

Iron on appliques are very popular because they make it easy to create a unique look without a lot of effort. Here are the steps you can take to create the perfect custom iron on patches for your garment or project:

First, you’ll need your iron on patches, an iron and ironing board, the garment, tote, etc. your patch will be applied to, and a towel or sheet of blank paper.

When you’re ready to iron your embroidered patches or other iron on appliques , remember that cotton and denim fabrics work best. You should always test a small part of your garment or material with the iron first before applying your patch.

Once you’re ready to apply your iron on appliques, try out a few different placements to figure out which one you like best. When applying to jeans, attach the patch in various places with a safety pin and try them on to see what looks best.

Now, it’s time to iron. Set your iron to the desired setting for your particular type of material. Make sure your patch or patches are in the perfect place. Then, lay a towel or sheet of paper over your custom iron on patches and press the iron to the paper/towel for 10 to 15 seconds.

Once your patch is pressed, let it cool, then try to pick it up gently at the edges. If it peels up easily, you’ll need to iron a bit more.

Enjoy your easily-ironed on patch, and come back for more fun and creative ideas! www.patchworkpandatrims.com

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